Help for Couples -
Talking with a counselor can be very helpful, the nonjudgmental and respectful approach that counselors take is essential to developing a good working relationship. 
Choosing the right therapist is an important decision. I welcome your call or email today to answer any questions you may have about counseling in general, or my services in particular and how I can help you.
Seeking early help tends to keep problems from becoming overwhelming. Whether you are seeking help for an individual concern, or a couple's issue, calling sooner rather than later is a good idea.
Marital counseling can improve your understanding of  each other, enabling communication to become more open and gratifying.  As a counselor, I focus not just on what is broken in a relationship, but also what is working well. 
I also offer premarital counseling and counseling with couples experiencing difficulty managing an adolescent or young adult.
I offer a private and confidential setting in Acton, MA. and  Nashua, NH.
Call or send an email today.
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