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For Parents of Adolescents 
Teenagers are not an easy bunch.  They are in the process of  becoming adults and eventually leaving home.  They are changing, growing, and testing as they go.  They can appear to 'know it all', but also are terribly insecure. They can challenge the best functioning family and the most confident parent!
I enjoy this age and its developmental challenges but know it can be a tough time for parents and teens alike.  I  particularly enjoy working with you as parents to help you strengthen your marital bond as you weather the ups and downs of parenting a teen.
An adolescent is like a swimmer, poised on the family raft about to dive off.  The more solid the family raft, the easier it is for your child to have secure footing and the easier it is for you as parents to carry on. 
I also enjoy working with 'empty nesters', helping couples during this very important stage of life to adjust to married life without children.  This can be an important time to re-connect and re-invest.
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