Help for Couples -
Pre-marriage Counseling
Are you thinking of 'tying the knot'?  Would like premarital counseling, but don't have a religious affiliation?  I offer pre-marriage counseling for couples such as you.   Research shows that couples who prepare for married life before their wedding do better in their marriages. 
We will talk about:
  • Communication styles
  • Family of origin and how that can impact your expectations of marriage
  • Finances
  • Fair fighting
  • Religious differences
  • Children & child rearing
  • Relationships with in-laws
  • Other topics pertaining to you
Entering a marriage is a significant commitment that can immeasurably add to your life.  Seeking premarital counseling can help you and your future partner to better understand each other before you walk down the aisle. 
I offer a 6 session pre-marriage counseling package to discuss various aspects of married life.  Health insurance does not cover this kind of counseling as it is not psychotherapy.
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